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Event Rentals in Colorado are better because of Allwell Rents

Live and special events require creativity and attention to detail.

eventplanningAllwell Rents entered this market because of the need for extraordinary customer service. This service is not only in the unique, useful and adaptable beautiful products we offer. It is also in the attention to detail with every aspect of the service you receive with those products. It can as simple as delivering and picking up according to the schedule needed. Service can be complicated such as turning a room between parts of the event. Friendly, professional attention to detail is the key.

Allwell Rents changes the expectations of the special and live event industry with great frequency. How? Simply we continue to improve the standard of service that is provided. Our design center is a place that allows creative minds to focus and make their visions a reality. Our water glasses are packaged with the mouth up. Why?  Because the first thing most caterers do is turn them over to this direction in order to ice and fill them.

              • Every piece of flatware is polished every time it is cleaned.
              • Every piece of glassware is polished after every cleaning.
              • Deliveries are organized.
              • Pick ups are on time.
              • Delivery and pick up services are available 24 hrs per day 7 days per week.

Products that are usually set up have the set up in the price. Confirmations on changes to orders are routine. You always know what is the latest on the order.

              • Packaging is always at a minimum to make it easier to work with.
              • Packaging also protects during delivery and is easy to use for preparing for pick up.

You want your product in great shape when you get it.  Allwell makes certain of this and that it is just as easy to end the event.

Keep your event hassle free and beautiful
with event rentals from Allwell Rents


Rentals are one of the key elements to make your event, wedding or party the most memorable it can be.




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